Food For The Soul

Written by Dave Kyle

"Freedom Comes When Internal Harmony Is Achieved"

Inner Harmony

When we truly understand who we are and let go of the unnecessary ego/lower self more life force energy or chi flows in the body and we come back into electromagnetic balance and begin to empower ourselves and live life from a place of wholeness. Our relationships also improve as the people we accept into our lives must also come from a place of wholeness or they can see their dysfunction reflected back to them although they may not be aware of this.

When we understand and know that no one can own or control our soul and spirit and therefore our value freedom and internal harmony is assured. However this is a process and as this realization dawns we become aware of our energy field, take back control of it from others, expand it and strengthen the connections back to the Universe/Source/God. In the Chinese Taoist approach to life there are five stages of mastering chi or life force energy:

  • First we must conserve chi or life force energy because while we are still limited human beings there is a finite amount. If a battery is not charged it is so much more difficult to charge it. We must have control of the gates through which energy leaks out and drains our life force. We leak energy through – 1. negative emotions; 2. our reproductive system; 3. constantly turning our senses outward; poor diet and eating habits; improper and shallow breathing.
  • We must balance chi energy in our bodies. If it is imbalanced in certain areas we may have too much or not enough heat, cold, damp or dryness. We may also be too yin(female) or yang(male). This imbalanced energy tends to make us go to extremes and will eventually cause us physical issues.
  • We must transform chi energy into more beneficial energies, for example we can transform sexual energy back into basic life force chi. Through other practices we can learn to transform negative emotional chi energy into positive virtuous energy.
  • We must then increase chi but only after the three previous stages are complete or significant progress has been made otherwise we will increase negative chi.
  • Then we can expand chi energy. Please note that by transmuting negative emotional and mental patterns more chi will automatically be available to you. Then we can expand our chi by tapping into the vast reserves in nature, the cosmos and the universe to heal our body, mind, spirit and to heal other people.

To achieve harmony and therefore freedom first we must go within. We must Know Thyself. Freedom is achieved through internal harmony or balance. We must however have motivation for this objective. If we are still focused on the outside world and away from our internal state most of the time then we will never be happy, content and free. We will suffer from the dysfunctional manifestations of the lower mind including issues with the body such as disease. If we have this internal motivation then we have power in the form of serenity, virtue, love and kindness. If we have this sort of power we are a force, a god force and people want to listen and be around us. People will respect us. Harmony within will create a virtuous energy. Harmony is power and therefore a substantial force. This force or harmony comes from clarity and spiritual achievement. Spiritual achievement is integrating more chi into the body.

"Spiritual achievement is integrating more chi into the body."

This spiritual achievement which comes from spiritual growth is from understanding and balancing our own energy within. Harmony is so important for humanity as a whole because when it's there we have empowering and supportive conditions for human life. When this happens we nurture rather than destroy. When we are not in harmony we destroy nature and of course that only creates trouble for ourselves. When we are in disharmony anything we create harms others, for example GMO, Oil Industries, Fractional Banking and so on. People who seek power over others take advantage of others good natures by violence or force. Life is a set of conflicts. Just like the "middle path" road in spiritual growth we can diminish these conflicts by taking a middle point of view, that is, not just acceptable for you but others as well. This is called harmony.

On every level of creation we have electromagnetism. Electric being the male or yang energy and magnetism being the female or yin energy. In win win situations where there is harmony both energies are in balance. Both parties gain, for example the male energy, and both parties are receptive, the female energy, that is they give in a little. There are no losers the male and female energies are in balance. Electromagnetism is in full force. Up to this point in history we have lived in a very male energy dominated society, hence the hierarchical structure. When this happens the female or yin energy is suppressed and electromagnetism is not very strong. There is no harmony in mind and body and none in society. We must change our attitude to a win win scenario, that is we must come out of our own egos! This is beginning to happen en mass as we all heal and will of course continue over the next few decades.

Internal harmony is mostly about first becoming aware and then balancing ones own energy, ones own electromagnetism.

You are a cell or battery!! Did you know that? By balancing male and female energies in your own being you move towards androgyny and Christ Consciousness.

Harmony and freedom comes when we understand universal laws and see how life really works rather than how the lower self or ego wants life to work to its own advantage. Harmony and therefore freedom comes from understanding ones own mind, body and energy within. As a human race we are at the beginning stages of learning to come out of the ego or intellectual mind which only sees things as right or wrong. This is of course the sickness that the people on this planet suffer from. By taking a position we have descended into the realms of the lower self. By accepting others point of view, but not necessarily agreeing with it we keep harmony in our own "battery" When it comes to relationships too it is vitally important that we are whole, in balance and the electromagnetism in each person is flowing correctly otherwise we have a co-dependent relationship where these forces are not in balance. In other words what is missing in one is in the other, for example dominance in one and submissiveness in the other. Both parties are not coming from a place of power.

We are now at the beginning of a new paradigm, one in which the forces of nature, the sun, planets, galactic center are helping us to see and understand first where we have been asleep and allowed others to take control of our energy field and in doing so disempower ourselves. We are being shown how to take back control of this hugely powerful body/mind system but first we must make a decision. That decision is to let go and surrender the false self or ego and allow those energies to be transmuted.

"Everybody wants to get enlightened but nobody wants to change" - Andrew Cohen

As we do this higher vibration energies come into the body and over time we are born again. To allow this to happen we must listen to that quiet small voice that has been drowned out by the ego. We must release, surrender and transmute and in doing so allow our 'battery' to come into balance once more. As this happens more chi will enliven the body and our health and life will expand in ways that the limited lower self cannot possibly imagine. We must allow higher aspects of our self to once again take the driving seat and trust we are on the road to self empowerment, harmony and freedom.